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We provide the custom clearance service

 Customs registration: 

  • Qualitative and quick customs registration as per the contract of the client so per the contract of our importer
  • Choosing of the right codes in foreign economic activity commodity nomenclature
  • Providing a full package of documents for the cleared cargo
  • Payment of commission charges to intermediaries
  • Full confidentiality
  • Customs cleaning of cargo with lower than risk customs payment
  • Minimization of additional expenses in ports at our logistic maintenance
  • Solving of complex issues with customs authorities, guidance of cargo inspections

 Foreign Trade Activities

      We also provide such services as: goods purchase according your assignment; organization of its payment;  transportation and customs registration on our company

      Outsourcing of foreign trade activities (foreign economic activity) – the service, allowing to transfer non-core functions of your company (in this case logistics and foreign economic activity) on service of other company specializing in this area

 Within outsourcing service we offer: http://www.summa.su/

  •  Conclusion of contracts with foreign suppliers
  •  Passing of all customs formalities
  •  Transfer of money under the external economic contracts
  •  Customs payment
  •  Obtaining the corresponding allowing documentation
  •  Freight sale in the territory of the Russian Federation